About Us

The founder and name-giver of the label is Laura Luisa Brökelmann.
As a graduated fashion designer, she loves fashion and individual clothing styles. Even as a child,
Laura Luisa had a connection with fashion; her mother studied fashion design in Berlin and later managed a fashion company in Arnsberg thereby providing her with an early opportunity to become familiar with fashion and handbags. She thus developed the ambition to work in this sector. She studied Fashion and Design Management at the University of Düsseldorf and subsequently worked in various fashion sectors in which her passion for handbags always played a major role. Shortly afterwards she designed her own label: Laura Luisa.

For Laura Luisa, the handbag is the most beautiful fashion accessory because it reflects a woman’s personality. Every woman’s handbag is a statement. No other fashion product nowadays is more personal and passionate to a woman.

However: there are many high-quality hand and tote bags as well as rucksacks and pouches on the market. These circumstances spurned Laura Luisa to create a unique interchangeable system for handbags allowing fashion-conscious and self-confident women with individual characters to express their personalities and stand out from the crowd.
A handbag for the modern woman. For you.

The Laura Luisa label has been on the market since autumn 2016.